Calculate favorable date own wedding available at specialized sites on the Internet astrology.To do this, you must enter the year, month and date of birth of the bride and groom's names and approximate month, who are younger want to arrange your celebration.As a rule, the astrological calendar provides the optimal choice for a few months in advance.Some astrologers advised to combine this method with the lunar calendar, to see in which zodiac sign the moon will be in the day of the intended marriage (marriage).
If you are interested in a favorable date own wedding not from the perspecti
ve of astrology, refer to everyday concerns.To get started, check with relatives, if the days of mourning in your family in the month when you are going to play a wedding.This day should be associated only with the joyous event, not the anniversary of the death of a cousin.Then ask the main guests, whether they attend.This is especially true of those who organize a wedding in the summer holiday season, or in the large Russian holidays, such as Christmas or May.Finally, some estimate, the weather should be in your area on the day of the celebration.Look at the long-term forecast, remember, was it raining or cold at the same time in previous years.
planning a wedding, consider the traditions of their religion.If you are Christians, and are going to get married in the registry office after the wedding, remember that in the post do not.A meatless days a year, as you know, more than nepostnyh so favorable from the point of view of the Church date should be chosen ahead of time, armed with the church calendar.The longest lasting Lent (with Carnival and before Easter), so the marriage in March and April you can immediately forget.The easiest way to choose the optimum date together with the priest.Most likely, he will offer nepostny day, which is also the day some significant Orthodox saint.This saint in the future will be the guardian of your marriage.
If you do not observe the tenets of Christianity, but believe in omens, refer to them.In Russia, has long been believed that the best time for weddings - early autumn.Those who married in September, the popular rumor promised a peaceful and joyful life.But do not get married in May recommended that "all life is not to suffer."Among other features: a wedding in June, promises a long marriage, in July - many joys and sorrows "in one bottle."One of the signs of a new time - that marriage should be possible to date with the same numbers.For example, 11. 11. 2011. However, the experience of previous years shows that according to the national statistics, many couples who married in these days has divorced.
Astrologers strongly advised not to marry on the day of the lunar eclipse.But marriage, played "on the growing moon," on the contrary, be deemed successful.If the appointed date Moon will be in Pisces, Taurus, Gemini or Sagittarius, this is a very good sign for the future svomestnoy life spouses.Finding the moon in all the other signs of the zodiac can cause failure of the union, say adherents of astrology.