Making banquet halls can be entrusted to professionals.Firms that specialize in the design of the holidays, offer you several options for decorating the hall .These can be balls, fresh flowers and colorful ribbons.But it is worth remembering that the services of these firms are not cheap.
Optionally and independently arrange the wedding hall.To start think about all the nuances and design themes.Then buy the necessary equipment, call friends to assistants and start decorating.
Hang colorful and funny comic themed posters with congratulations.You are free to invent them and make or buy ready-made.
very popular to decorate the wedding hall balls.They must be inflated with helium
, then they will not fall onto the floor.Hang bundles of balloons around the room.A place for the bride and groom decorate particularly romantic: it is possible to make an arch of balloons or hang two large ball in the form of hearts, on which to write the names of lovers.
Decorating banquet hall vibrant colors and compositions of them looks very gentle and elegant.Put on the table ikebana floral pastel shades.Also, decorate with flowers in the entrance hall (you can make a kind of flower arch) and the place of young people.Try to stick to one design of the flower gamma and not to use plants with a very pungent odor.
If themed wedding, then the design of the hall should overlap with the given topic.For the "pirate" a wedding, it would be appropriate to decorate the hall layout of the ship, pirate swords and flags, and put on the table the composition of shells and beads imitating pearls.The wedding in the Oriental style will emphasize Japanese paper lamps, trees - bonsai and napkins or towels with hieroglyphs.
can also be noted in the design profession bride or groom.For example: if the groom doctor, then each table you can put a humorous medical prescription.