you need
  • - snacks;
  • - fruits and sweets;
  • - alcoholic and soft drinks.
Pay attention to design.As a rule, bride happens pretty quickly, and for many gatherings at the table just do not have time.However, holiday table, prepared for this ceremony, be sure to get into the lens of the ubiquitous wedding photographer.Therefore, the appearance of treats offered at redemption, plays an even greater role than their taste.Make sure that the snacks and drinks on the table had a really festive look.
Prepare snacks.Canape - ideal appetizers for the table in the bride price.Make this snack can literally be out of anything!All that you need - cut into small slices of products that harmoniously combine the taste, and to pin them on toothpicks or skewers.Canape good literal
ly everything: they are easy and quick to prepare, convenient to eat and most importantly, they look great on the holiday table.
Put the fruit bowl.Bright, juicy fruits are incredibly photogenic.Beautifully arranged bananas, grapes, apples and other fruits on any multilevel vases.If the season allows, indulge guests chocolate covered strawberries.To do this, melt the chocolate in a water bath, a dip in the berries and place in the refrigerator to frozen chocolate again.It does not break away from the strawberry green tails: for it is very convenient to take a treat, and the berries look so interesting.In winter, instead of strawberries, you can use slices of banana.In this case, be sure to chop meal on toothpicks to guests not soiled fingers of chocolate.
offer guests sweets.Put on the table a beautiful vase with chocolates and cookies: In every company there are certainly a sweet tooth who appreciate the true sweetness.
Pour the guests to drink.It is difficult to Slavic wedding without alcohol, so without strong drinks you can not do.Make sure that the table was attended by a different fortress alcohol.As a rule, champagne, light wine and brandy or vodka for lovers of strong drink.Make sure the table has glasses and wine glasses, according to the type of alcohol.Do not forget to cool down drinks, as required by the rules of their use.Not all the guests drink alcohol, so take care of soft drinks.As a rule, guests are offered teetotal juice and mineral water.
Take care of the little things.If you can not eat cooked treats hands, do not forget to put on the table all the necessary utensils.In addition, the table must be a swipe: any of the guests could get their hands dirty or accidentally spill a drink.