wedding takes place only when the hands of the couple already have a marriage certificate, both of them should profess the Orthodox faith.As has already been appointed wedding day, both future spouses must prepare for this sacrament of the Church.Do not blindly follow fashion and to get married just because it's a beautiful and solemn ceremony, take it seriously and start to prepare for the event ahead of time, at least a week.
Before wedding should observe a strict fast for a week.If you are really a religious person, spend 3-4 days prior to the event in prayer, ask God to bless and guide your marriage.A day or t
wo before the wedding you both need to confess and receive communion.The time for that will be assigned a priest with whom you arrange a wedding.If you do not know very well the procedure of these rites, do not worry - you will devote my father in these rules.
advance purchase two icons depicting Jesus Christ and the Mother of God.With these icons you will bless the parents, if your family is not Wedding icons that are handed down.These icons must bring to the rite of the parents of the newlyweds, and in their absence, the young themselves.Young, as well as on a conventional wedding, the wedding must be accompanied by two witnesses.In addition to icons, bring your wedding rings, wedding candles and beautiful white towel.
Witnesses may also be only baptized Orthodox people.Their purpose is not just to attend church and to hold the crowns over the heads of the newlyweds, and then to maintain a close relationship with them and to help in the formation of a new family.Therefore, taken seriously to the choice of its witnesses, it is desirable that they were adults, already married people.
Check before heading to the church, it is whether you both are ready for the ceremony.The Church does not approve of coercion, when one of the young is an atheist, and agrees to participate in the ritual for the sake of your loved one.In the case where one of you is already married once, he needed to get permission to terminate the previous bishop of the Union.You can not marry those who is related by blood to the fourth generation.