If you are planning a traditional wedding, take care in advance of purchasing a loaf, a little salt and beautiful silk towels.It is better if the bread is soft and fresh - the young have to eat it.When the new husband and wife come into a restaurant or come home from the registrar, ask each break off a piece from the loaf.Whose hunk will be more, that will be the main family.
still in many areas made bless young front of the house.If you decide not to depart from tradition, take the two icons - Jesus Christ and Our Lady of Kazan.Remember that holiness can not take her hands, only a towel - towel.Parents of the bride bless his daughter, and then her husband.This should be done, making the sign of the cross over the icon of the first wife, and then at her betrothed.Then the young
join hands and parents to baptize them as a family.
If you are not adherents of ancient ceremonies, newlyweds prepare a merry meeting.Sprinkle them with confetti or streamers, include energetic music, hand a glass of champagne.Give your friends the opportunity to congratulate the newlyweds.Ask each advance to come up with two - three warm words to the meeting not to delay the procedure.When the first enthusiasm subsided, spend all at the table, the guests and the young had exactly hungry.
Arrange young romantic encounters.But for this you need to win their support.Let the future husband and wife will learn the beautiful dance, such as the waltz.When the couple appeared in the doorway, put them garlands of flowers and give up a beautiful candle in a candlestick.Turn on the music and let the young dancing.Presented the guests rose petals in transparent bowls and ask them to shower them honeymooners, while the music sounds.