Tip 1: Why not 28 wedding anniversary celebrated

Wedding Anniversary - it is always a pleasant event.The couple have lived together 28 years, deserve respect for their love and wisdom in preserving the family.Popularly referred to as the 28th anniversary of the wedding of nickel.

Traditions nickel wedding

The nickel is not accepted to celebrate the wedding.It is believed that during this period the couple experiencing quite serious and difficult challenges in family life.According to psychologists, these difficulties do not depend on the age of the pair, namely the number of years lived.But during this period the couple is given the opportunity to live "for himself", to devote time to the implementation of unfulfilled dreams. Now they can again fall in love with your soul mate, to show tenderness and affection to each other.

The people also are of the opinion that a pair of the twenty-eighth anniversary of the wedding should not forget about each other and to give "shine" relations.Otherwise, their family life threatens to eclipse the sam
e as nickel metal.Nickel is magnetic, so spouses, marking 28th anniversary, have to pull together.Fortunately, time is getting enough, as children are likely to have grown up, and grandchildren are not consuming much time.

How to prepare for the wedding of nickel

Since 28th anniversary is not celebrated, chic holiday do not need to arrange.However, if the spouses decide to set the table, nothing in this reprehensible not.Due to the fact that the date was "not round", it is best to note it in the narrow circle of relatives and friends.Well, if the couple decides to devote this day to each other, it would be a good option, too, of this wonderful event. In this case, you can go to the theater or to show your favorite movie, and after a romantic dinner by candlelight.

Gifts that day can give a completely different character.It all depends on the willingness of the person prepodnosyaschego gift, but the most topical subjects will be made from nickel.Home appliances, bedding, accessories always complement the list of proposed gifts.Well, of course, no celebration is complete without a bouquet of flowers and a cake with the inscription temeticheskoy.Not accepted only give this day objects of wood and paper.Relevant and gifts will be made with their own hands.They always extend a warm hand of the creator.

Children can present a gift voucher for two at sea or in a sanatorium.Thus, they will please their parents and show concern for their health.

most important thing in this day to express love and joy heroes of the occasion.After all, the people who created and preserved the warmth of a family to each other for 28 years, are worthy of praise and admiration.

Tip 2: How to call different wedding anniversary

Wedding anniversary - an event which can be noted in the circle of family and friends.There are certain titles each year of cohabitation, according to these names is very convenient to pick up an amazing gift for couples.
How are called different wedding anniversary

Getting married life

The first Family Day - the wedding and the following year after the event is called a green wedding.The symbolism of such a name is a sign of youth, freshness and purity of the young newlyweds.

anniversary in 2 years from the date of the wedding is called a paper wedding.This name identifies the family relationships with a thin and torn paper.Three years sovmestnoynoy life are the most significant date for the first of a new family.This anniversary is called leather wedding.It is believed that during this period the paper difficulties have been overcome and now that the couple does not end the relationship - so learn to give and adapt to each other.A leather material is a symbol of just such flexibility.

When four years had passed since the wedding anniversary is called linen.There is another name for this date - wax.

The first anniversary of a solid family - five years from the date of the wedding is the name of a wooden wedding.Family with experience identified with wooden house.This structure is solid, but he still could face the fire (family quarrels).Excellent omen for the couple on this anniversary is to plant a tree.

Wedding Anniversary 6 years is the first anniversaries of metallic iron and has the name of the wedding.Name due to the fact that the relationship at this time durable as metal.But it is the most fragile of the metals because iron may be damaged from a strong impact.

Copper wedding celebrated on the 7 year after the wedding.This metal is a symbol of the strength of family, wealth and beauty.Eighth anniversary is tin wedding.It is believed that this year of living together family relationships are undergoing renovation.This is what characterizes the new shiny tin.

faience wedding celebrate 9 years of family life.On this anniversary can give the family a tea service, as well as crockery and crystal, hinting at the same time that rough handling fragile items may shatter.

When the date of the wedding takes place 10 years anniversary is called the pink (or tin) wedding.This is the first round anniversary of the family, which is celebrated solemnly with an invitation to all the guests present at the marriage.

Steel wedding anniversary is called the 11 families - symbolizing the new decade of family life.A great gift to be stainless steel products (pots sets or tray).

Symbols lived together for 12 years from the date of the wedding - nickel, indicating the need to refresh relationships and adding to them shine.13th wedding anniversary is called Landysheva wedding.14th anniversary of the wedding is called agate.15th anniversary - wedding glass, which indicates the purity and transparency of the relations of the spouses.

18th wedding anniversary - turquoise wedding.20th Anniversary - porcelain, this year presented the couple a gift cups, plates and various sets of porcelain.21 years after the wedding is called opal wedding.

22 anniversary - a bronze wedding, 23 years of marriage - Beryl wedding 24 anniversary called satin.25th wedding anniversary is the silver wedding.This is the first significant wedding anniversary.

26 years of marriage - Jade wedding, 27 - Wedding mahogany, and 29 called velvet wedding anniversary.'30 Married life together called pearl wedding anniversary 31 - a dark wedding.

'34 from the date of the wedding is the name of Amber wedding 35 years - the coral wedding.'37 Family life - muslin wedding, 38 years after the wedding - a wedding mercury, 39 - crepe wedding.

'40 after the wedding is called ruby ​​wedding anniversary 44 - topaz wedding 45 wedding anniversary is called sapphire.

46 anniversary - lavender wedding, 47 - cashmere wedding 48 - amethyst wedding, anniversary and 49 - cedar.

golden mean marriage

50 years of married life is a golden wedding anniversary 55 - emerald wedding, and 60 wedding anniversary is called a diamond or platinum wedding.65 years - called iron wedding.70 anniversary - a fertile, or rewarding marriage.

75 anniversary of marriage - the wedding crown.The symbol of this name symbolizes that the joint family life wedded.80 anniversary is called an oak wedding, where the oak is a symbol of longevity.100 anniversary of marriage - red wedding, a wedding anniversary was celebrated only 1 time in the family known centenarians Agayev, who gave the name of the anniversary of the wedding.

Tip 3: What is the 7-year wedding anniversary

seven years of wedlock - a copper or wool wedding.Still ahead, but caustic wool and copper is not strong.This is the sense that everything is in the hands of the young that skuyut and form of their relationship depends on them.
What is the 7-year wedding anniversary

anniversary Characters: copper and wool

Copper - this is a very easy-to-melting metal and it is symbolic.After living together for seven years, the couple already know each other well.Many families had children.Yet according to statistics after seven years of marriage occurs most divorces.No wonder that date is called copper and woolen wedding.Copper conducts electricity, that is, relations between spouses sparks from misunderstandings and quarrels.At the same time, copper is very ductile material and each couple has the opportunity to sculpt or build your relationship.

seven-year anniversary - that's a lot, but also for the presence of taunts, she's jealous that corresponds to wool.Wool tunic, but she warms, creates comfort to which you want to return.This period of life has a name - the crisis of monotony.In your life is stable, you already know your prosperity, distribute the budget and plans for the next six months.My husband is not so often brings flowers (if not bring) you turn to meet his work in hair curlers, rather than with a romantic dinner.The conclusion suggests itself - the life sucked you in the swamp.

Yet the good: no one except you is better not to know what to cook for dinner loved that he ran home from work.What a surprise present to his wife, to see the smile on her face.You have a long time together and only you know how to give each other pleasure and joy.

What to give

In the old days it was thought that the metallic ringing frightens all evil, misfortune and evil spirits, because it looks like a bell ringing.Therefore gave symbolic brass bells.As a symbol of prosperity and wealth are good gift copper coins.If someone has already got her home, it is appropriate to give a horseshoe will be the way and copper rings.

And as this date is not only copper, but also wool, enjoyable and a good gift would be a woolen blanket or scarf.And it's nice to get a wife that day woolen socks associated wife, who will warm his cold evenings.

Yet seven - figure it luck.It symbolizes secret knowledge, wisdom and sacred number.Please note: the seven notes, seven days a week, seven wonders of the world.Whatever it was all in your hands, listen to each other talk - because after the wedding ahead of copper silver, gold and diamond.

Tip 4: 4 years of marriage: what a wedding?

By four years of marriage the couple become one, move on to a new stage of relations and acquire household goods.Young family becomes strong, like flax.From this came the name given wedding anniversary.And linen, as you know - a symbol of prosperity and stability.
4 years of marriage: what a wedding?

linen wedding

linen threads pretty strong, but not so easy to overcome adversity.It was at this time the family ceases to be young, there comes a crucial period of increasing prosperity and wealth.Our ancestors called fourth wedding anniversary rope or wax.Rope because the couple at this time is so strong liking to each other, as if they were tied with ropes unknown forces.By this time, the young do not have personal relationships praise, and are increasingly turning to home and family life.

As previously mentioned linen wedding?

Linen wedding celebrated in ancient times with no less grand scale than the first years of life together.To this date carefully prepared.The woman had to hand sew linen sheet, which blanketed the bed and in the celebration of the fourth anniversary of the wedding.Sheets decorated with lace or embroidery elements.Then store it with great honor.

husband also had to dump the linen shirt for her husband and present with respect to the day of the anniversary.He, in turn, must take place in a new shirt all day.The woman wore a linen sundress embroidered patterns.Some traditions have survived to this day - to shower the couple linseed.According to legend, it will bring into a marriage relationship durability and strength.

How better to mark the fourth anniversary of the wedding?

Since flax symbolizes prosperity in the family, it is better to celebrate their wedding anniversary at home.The main attributes of the holiday must be linen napkins, tablecloths, curtains or blinds.Spouses should wear linen items that need to meet the guests.The decoration of the rooms must be present wax candles, they do not ask to replace electric lighting, but also create a romantic and cozy atmosphere.

Triumph should decorate a bouquet of flax, which is considered the main symbol of this wedding anniversary.On the table can be present both simple and elaborate dishes.Do not waste a lot of time to cook, it's better to spend it on the original script of the celebration.Suppose this is not a round number, but a celebration to be remembered for all guests.

What to give to the linen wedding?

believed that on the fourth anniversary of the wedding the young need to give a tablecloth or linen.You can present a set of linen napkins, candlesticks, towels or decorative candles.A great gift would be a tapestry.On linen wedding bouquet is presented as flax or that field potted plant or vase.

Tip 5: What are the wedding anniversary

Almost every wedding anniversary has its own name, it did not appear by accident, but reflects the strength of the relations of the spouses at this stage.The first years of the husband and wife are marked gauze, paper anniversary - which indicates the fragile alliance gradually stronger relationship and the name reflects the strength of metal - silver, gold, iron.
Symbol of marriage
first wedding anniversary is called calico, gauze, or cotton flour.All of these names indicate that the couple tied the knot unreliable and that relationship is easy to break.On the day of the first anniversary of each other to give a calico kerchiefs.The second anniversary is called a paper wedding.During this period, on the way newlyweds a lot of difficulties, and to keep the family home, they should no longer support each other.On the third anniversary of marriage celebrated leather wedding.This name received the anniversary because the relationship between the young easily changed and often "stretched" becausethe couple in crisis in family relations.Fourth anniversary of the date referred to in different ways - linen, wax or rope wedding.From the name you can understand that a husband and wife connect relationship, which is not so easy to break.On wax wedding decided to light a candle, the longer the flame goes out - the more years to hold family couple in love and harmony.
first five years was called a wooden wedding.On this day, the couple give a couple of wooden spoons or paired statues of wood.6 years of marriage, the wedding is called cast iron.Relationships in the family is quite strong, but can be "cracked" by a strong shock.At this time, the family comes back in a period of crisis.Zinc wedding - this is the only date that is celebrated in half a year from the previous anniversary, ie6.5 years.Further, in 7 years, the couple celebrate the wedding of copper.In pairs, which together have crossed this milestone, relationships become hardened a temporary nature, and they are not afraid of any difficulties.Tin wedding is celebrated in the eighth year, family relationships are strong, but they are still inherent flexibility - like a tin.Devyatiletie referred porcelain wedding.On this day, "young", decided to give earthenware mugs or other beautiful dishes made from this material.
first anniversary - a decade of living together - has been called a pink or tin wedding.On this day, the husband traditionally gives the rose.Next, the couple often celebrate jubilees at intervals of 5 or 10 years, but 20 years of marriage, every day of the wedding has its own name: 11 years - a steel wedding 12 - nickel, 13 lace or wool, 14 - agate.Fifteenth - crystal or glass wedding, the day the couple of dishes sure to reap the same "composition", guests often give crystal glasses.