What can you give to parents pearl wedding

30 years from the date of the wedding - the date of landmark.Your parents, of course, be pleased to note the gifts on this day.The thirtieth anniversary of marriage called pearl wedding, so decide what to give to parents is simple.On this day, give pearls.

Mom can please the new earrings, pearl ring, pearl necklace.It is more difficult to be a father.If he will never wear cufflinks or a tie clip with a precious stone, will have to think what present he would like.

It is believed that this day may be replaced with nacre pearls.Remember your father's hobbies.Perhaps he was a collector, and it really will appreciate the album to store items of his collection or the cu
p holder, cup, decorated with mother of pearl.

Or maybe you decide to do a joint gift to parents, emphasizing the continuity of their union.So gift box can be decorated with pearls.In addition, it is possible to put a sincere letter to parents, or their joint photograph, framed in a beautiful frame.

Other options presents 30 years of marriage parents

In general, it all depends on your creativity and on the interests, desires and passions of your parents.Perhaps they are passionate lovers of the garden, backyard and garden, and then all they choose caskets garden tools or expensive lawn mower to buy that dream for years.

Try to advance in conversation to learn from their parents that they would like to, but can not buy, because there is no money.Or the lack of funds, but for some reason they can not afford to buy it.Sometimes, that is not quite a young woman dreams of, for example, on the trendy dressing gown, but do not buy it, believing that this item of clothing she is not suitable for age.

your gift in this case is very appreciate it, allow it to finally wear the coveted thing, excusing himself in the eyes of her husband and the fact that "just presented - have to wear."Be careful!In order to please a man, you must not make a mistake with the choice of color and size.

Present day 30th anniversary of the wedding can be expensive, and not very much.Ultimately, more important your attention, love and care.In line with tradition, no matter what you bought - the photo frame, an electric kettle, an iron, a steamer, multivarku, juicer - ask nicely pack your gift in the pearl paper.

Do not forget to buy a cake with ornaments in the form of pearls and luxurious colors.At 30 years of marriage parents give good white calla lilies, which is shaped like a pearl.