Carefully read the wedding invitation.Often they write suggestions and recommendations to the clothes.Dress code may vary depending on the venue and style of the wedding celebration.For example, the now fashionable to establish so-called "pirate wedding", which is celebrated on the boat or yacht.In this case, write the request on the invitations to dress in pirate style: wear black, colored or striped clothing, use appropriate accessories: blindfolds, bandanas, earrings.
Find a place of celebration.Restaurants need to choose smart clothes, and if the wedding will take place on the beach, do not traditionally wear evening gowns and s
uits, high heels.It is appropriate to wear loose and comfortable, but it does not mean that you can choose the old shorts and a dirty T-shirt.Look in any case it is necessary beautifully.
But as a rule, the wedding arranged in a traditional style - in a solemn atmosphere in the restaurants.In this case, you need to dress appropriately - men wear tuxedos recommended to women - dresses and high heels.But this is not simple, there are many rules, which should not be violated.The first and most important - women can not wear white dresses.Even if you are sure that the bride chooses a different shade, it is better not to risk it, not to get confusion.
Regarding black dresses opinions differ: it is considered the color of mourning that does not meet such a fun event, on the other hand, the little black dress, as they say stylists, is always appropriate.If you do decide to put on a black dress, use bright accessories to spice it up.
not recommended to wear a calling, bright, open and very expensive and chic clothes that will attract the attention of visitors.At the wedding, all the attention should be paid to the bride and groom.Therefore exclude dress with a plunging neckline, clothes, opening the navel, very short skirts.
Consider the time of year, especially if you plan to walk in the park.Whatever may be your beautiful light summer dress with elegant shoes, think about how you will walk through the snowy streets in such attire.It is very important to choose the right shoes for the celebration: the women do not wear high-heeled shoes as a wedding provides entertainment and dancing.
Men are usually easier to choose clothes for a wedding.A simple suit with trousers and jacket of the same color will always be relevant.Depending on the chosen color costume shirt - preferably not white.Tie wear is optional, but its presence will underline the importance of the event for you.It is not recommended to come in jeans and bright shirts, absolutely not acceptable sportswear.