Compose the wishes of a few sentences only, if you really have something to wish birthday.From template "of happiness, good health, good luck" should be abandoned.Even if you truly want it, the phrase so often used in writing, with no opportunity to hear the tone of congratulations, they are not perceived - look "slides" on them without stopping.
If you know any intangible benefits now really need your friend , list them in the form of wishes in the genitive case.Try to be tactful and not to name the dates, but for some reason inaccessible for the birthday thing.
This greeting can be accompanied by treatment adopted between you.Avoid overly formal treatment, which in real life would sound strange.If you can not come up with this part of the line, it is better to give up altogether.
Make postcard soul even in the absence of serious pathos wishes to help your powers of observation.Think of all the little things that are pleasing birthday and hobbies that have become his trademark.In comic form, write them as wishes.For example, cat lovers can wish all the fluffy, thick, whiskered and purring.
Use poems if to express their feelings in prose failed.On the Internet you can find ready-rhymed congratulations.On specialized sites are divided by type of holiday mood congratulations and "mean" birthday.
Pick a passage or the whole poem of the famous poet.This work, which was conceived by the author as an artistic rather than a congratulatory may sound very appropriate.To do this, select a passage within the meaning of and guided by the preferences of others.
find suitable content quote from the movie.Many blockbusters are a treasure trove of aphorisms, each of which can be succinct and brief greeting.If appropriate expression could not remember, enter into Internet search engine query "quotes from the movie," add it to the theme of Greetings and choose from the proposed phrase that will be greeting for your friend.