Traditional events of the celebration of the Airborne Forces are held in all Russian cities.But as the capital of airborne troops is Ryazan, here are the main celebrations.At the local stadium CSK held demonstrations landing, between sports battalions performance athletes and gymnasts.

in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities in honor of the holiday concerts, fairs, folk festivals, performances troops landing troops.Traditional meeting place for colleagues in Moscow are the Poklonnaya Gora, VVC, TsKPiO them.Gorky.And the widespread diversion of paratroopers in a holiday - is swimming in the fountains of the city.

Airborne Day coincides with the Day of Remembrance of the Holy Prophet Elijah, who is considered the
patron saint of the Russian Air Force.The Moscow church of the saint passes prayer and liturgy.

To honor the memory of fallen soldiers-commandoes, cemeteries and monuments to the veterans come and head of administration in different cities of Russia.There is the laying of flowers at the Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow at the tomb of General Vasily Margelov, through which airborne troops acquired its present form.This legendary commander of Russian paratroopers instilled a strong, invincible spirit that still binds them fraternal thread.For this reason, the paratroopers called himself "Uncle Vasya forces."

Airborne Day truly memorable event for Russia.In the squares of all the cities proudly sounds anthem of airborne troops, enthusiastically singing "blue berets".Paratroopers with trembling heart to say "No one except us," is the motto of the Airborne Forces.Again and again, they reminded Service to the Motherland, which brings together millions of people in spite of the long distances.