you need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - handle.
Any congratulatory text consists of three main components: the welcome address, greetings (with an indispensable reference to the celebration of the occasion) and wishes.It is in this manner is necessary to build up his speech.
If you are not an excellent orator and master of impromptu, prepare in advance the text of congratulations.Write down on paper the words that you want to say, and read them several times.If you want to rehearse your presentation aloud.This comprehensive approach will allow you to speak during the celebration with ease and confidence.
important point is to address a welcome speech.If you congratulate relatives, then you can refer to them simply as you communicate with your family.Congratulat
ory text addressed to a colleague or boss, it is advisable to start with the first name and patronymic hero for the day.
Make start congratulations intriguing and unusual help the fascinating case of life birthday.Tell the audience an interesting episode, witnessed or been a direct participant which is you.For example, on the anniversary of his son remember how you celebrated his first birthday, funny little things that tell a memorable event.The official event can start with the words of congratulation, that your colleague or boss is not only an excellent professional and a true master of his art, but a man fascinated a lot of interesting hobby, a great friend and so on.The main thing that your words have not been matched atmosphere of familiarity and celebration.
After the opening part of the transition to the congratulations and best wishes.These elements festive speech also must be prepared on the basis of the characteristics of the event and the person to whom you are addressing them.Your words will make the greatest impact if it is spoken sincerely and from the heart.