you need
  • - balls;
  • - tapes;
  • - pump
Select balloons

There are two types of balloons - latex and foil.Foil balloons can fly for several days, while maintaining its shape.Such balls in the form of stars, circles and hearts look great on the ceiling.Probably, the only drawback of such balloons is their price, which is substantially higher than the latex counterparts.

When using latex balloons should take into account their characteristics, arising from the different methods of staining.
balls with color "crystal" - a semi-transparent products having the most diverse palette of colors.These beads are perfect for decorating any room.However, it should be borne in mind that on the street "crystal" lose its transparency.

Balls "pastel" - opaque and very flexible.They are ideal for cre
ating any of the compositions and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Balls "metallic" - opaque, bright and hard to the touch.This ball is very well kept helium.However, be aware that in the inflated state it will be less than the "pastel" or "crystal" of similar size.In addition, the balls are on the street very quickly lose their metallic luster.

As a rule, are used for decoration holiday balls 2-3 colors.The classic combination of colors are: white with gold, ivory or red and pearl with gold.
Select a song for the decoration of the holiday.When you select a song you need to build on the theme of the event.

When placing the focus of corporate events, usually done in the direction of professional activity, symbols and colors of the company.Emphasis on corporate date can be done with numbers, woven from balls.

for a birthday, anniversary or wedding anniversary perfect bouquets of balloons with a suitable pattern.Additionally, you can decorate the bouquets are using paper strips, slightly twist them with scissors.There will also be appropriate to look columns and fountains made from balloons.

Wedding decoration - is, as a rule, figures of swans, hearts and, of course, the arch at the entrance.Scatter the balls across the floor, or vice versa, scroll to the dance area.

Bright and colorful garlands of balloons, unusual figures and fountains make children's holiday memorable and cheer up not only the kids but also their parents.

If necessary, select or, conversely, to hide some area or areas, you can use wall colors, pictures, or garlands of balloons.
to inflate balloons is recommended to use the pump.Take a balloon and put his neck on the pump inlet.Hold the ball with one hand, and the second pump air by means of the piston.Tail uninflated balloon must be left in order to be easy to twist in the manufacture of the figures.