question and the timing of holidays for students of School Council decides individually in each school.Usually the decision is taken at the beginning of the school year, and is fixed in the order of the principal.However, there are time limits recommended annually by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, as well as district and county departments in charge of education.These recommendations are not binding on, but most schools try to take them into account in the preparation of work plans god.Kak typically tied to the beginning of the holidays beginning of the school week.In autumn it is the first Monday in November (duration of the holiday - 7-10 days);in winter holidays begin on the
last Monday of December and lasts 14-20 days.Spring school vacation period of 7-10 days is generally the school will be scheduled from the last Monday of March.The longest vacation - summer, usually begin 24 or 25 May and lasts until the end of avgusta.Poskolku uniform legislation, setting deadlines and dates of holidays in Russia does not exist, the administration of each educational institution is students' own holiday schedule.It should be noted that if the school is a private, beginning of vacation periods may differ materially from the holidays in the state shkolah.Kak reads the RF Law "On education, students must unlearn throughout the year as long as the plan provides basic training activities.On clear terms not break the law says.Currently, the curriculum provides for 36 weeks of training, and the remaining 16 weeks of the year are assigned for a holiday home.Distribute this time - the competence of the school authorities.However, parents' committees may require the school to change the dates and holidays otherwise distribute school load, making it more convenient for students and parents, not just teachers.Usually, the class schedule adjusts to the teaching staff.In some schools, the dates of the holidays are planned taking into account the wishes of the school authorities.