to know what you have to fit a gas mask, you need to know something which parameters, namely, the horizontal and vertical head circumference.Horizontal circumference is measured along a closed line which extends along the front brow arcs side just above (2-3 cm) and behind the ear at the most protruding part of the head.A vertical girth can be determined by measuring the length of a vertical line passing through the chin, cheeks and top of the head.These measurements should be rounded so that the last digit was either 0 or 5.
Now fold both results and see what size you need a mask: - Less than 1190 mm - the size of the first;
- From 1190 to 1210 mm - the size of a
- From 1215 to 1235 mm - the third dimension;
- From 1240 to 1260 mm - the fourth dimension;
- From 1265 to 1285 mm - the size of five;
- From 1290 to 1310 mm - sixth the size.
And now about how to properly wear a mask: put your head in this saving "rubber bag filter" is necessary after a signal "Chemical alarm" command "Gaza", or on its own initiative.
first tightly zazhmurte eyes, that they are not corroded acrid smoke (you never know what happened), then remove the cap, remove the mask from the special bags and grab the helmet-mask for the bottom partso that your thumbs are on the outside, while the others were inside.
Next you need to enclose the lower part of the helmet-mask under the chin and pull his head to jerk your hand up.You will need to work out that, after pulling the mask could be no wrinkles.You can now do a full breath, open your eyes and resume breathing.
Given that the transactions described above, you will have to carry out a blind, you need a long time to train.Although it depends on the person and his degree of learning.Good practice you can even come close to army regulations dressing mask: about 7-10 seconds.