most affordable room with any mobile phone - 112. This is a single phone number for an emergency call special services.Typing it, you can not just call the police, but the Ministry of Emergencies, the service gas, fire or ambulance.
this phone is convenient in that it does not even need to remember.To this supposed automatic access even with a negative balance of the mobile account, locked SIM card or if the SIM card is missing.The main thing is that your cell phone all worked and the battery is at least the minimum charged.
Just turn off your phone, then on again.Together with the inscription "Enter PIN" in the lower right corner of the screen will show «SOS».
By pressing the appropriate button you will be asked "Emergency Call" and two caption below, "Yes" and "No".After pressing the button corresponding to the confirmation of the operation, will automatically call a special service.
Another thing is that at night, especially during the holidays, this number is often overloaded and call for help can be extremely difficult.
There are several ways to police with a cell phone.If your operator MTS, dial 020. If you use the services of the operator Megafon - 1122. If your SIM card, or from the operator Beeline, Tele2, dial 002. For those who use the network Skay- Link - 902. In any situation, you can try to phonejust by dialing * 02, 102 and 911.

Universal phone number: 8-XXX (city code) -000-02.
Generally, of course, it would be good to know in advance and write in your cell phone for valid phone number of the district police department, and best of all - a district in charge of your quarter.Calls to these numbers most likely that you will get through quickly and you will have extra help.
Outside, the dark night, heard heart-rending cries for help.Present on the ground suffering person himself or his loved ones - because no one is immune from violence.Do not be indifferent, call the police.Perhaps at this point you will save someone's life.