What to do in case of fire

1. No panic.Think of everything you've read about the fire and security.
2. In case of fire immediately call the emergency services, first of all inform the address of the fire.
3. No drafts, no oxygen to the fire intensified.
4. In case of fire appliances included forbidden to put out with water, but with a fire extinguisher.Throw a curtain or veil, shut off the oxygen.
5. Prepare a moist handkerchief, perhaps during a fire would have to cover their faces from the acrid smoke.
6. Actions in case of fire - move as close as possible to the floor, so as not to be poisoned by fumes.During a fire, smoke is always at the top.
7. Help people in the fire, but do not forget about his life.

What to do in case of fire from the neighbors

necessary to try to
determine the source of combustion.This can be a neighboring apartment, the mailbox or the waste bin.In any case, do not delay, call the fire department.First of all, turn off electrical appliances and collecting documents, go to a safe place.In case of fire use the lift is not recommended, you can suffocate in a small booth, if it gets stuck.

What to do in case of fire in the event of heavy smoke staircases?Lock in the flat plug with wet towels all the cracks in the door.With a very strong smoke have to lie on the floor and cover the face of a wet handkerchief.And wait for the fire brigade.If the fire is very close fleeing through the balcony.

What to do in case of fire in the apartment

If it is not a major fire, it is necessary to try to extinguish the fire himself.For example, cover with a blanket or thick curtains cover the hearth fire.To extinguish the fire failed - to evacuate, taking documents.Call the fire department.It is necessary to close the windows and doors in the apartment to keep the flames flare up from drafts and the fire spread to neighboring areas.

What if the appliance caught fire

immediately pull out of the electrical outlet with a towel (the cord can be hot) to avoid the fire, if you can not - Disconnect the apartment.Immediately call the fire department.The device has not ceased to burn - cover it with a thick cloth wet.It is advisable not to fill with water.Only volt-free TV can be poured hot water, but most need to be on the side of the TV as possible explosion of the tube.If you try to extinguish a burning appliance is not de-energized - electric shock is inevitable.

What if ignited oil in a frying pan

Shut off the gas or electricity.Cover the pan with a lid or a wet thick cloth.Oil and set aside for self-cooling, because it could erupt again.If oil is spilled on the walls, floor or table, use washing powder, they fall asleep the fire.Beat with a cloth on the burning oil is useless, only to ignite the fire even more, creating a draft.It should in any way block the access of oxygen.Effectively will fill burning oil sands, if available.

fire in public places, schools, offices or hospitals

First look through the eyes of fire buttons.If you have found an evacuation plan, try to follow him in search of emergency exits.It can save more lives a large gathering of people.Move along the wall, a little bent, the smoke always goes up.Close your nose and mouth with a wet handkerchief.In public institutions officers and employees are responsible for fire safety, they should take people through the emergency exit in case of fire.

Ignition of clothing per person

This is also the category of fire.You can not escape, so as not to create an even greater spread of fire.Place the victim on the ground in any way, try to strip or wrap up a very thick cloth, coat, fur coat.A person leave open a person to breathe.Independently shoot extinguished clothing fired bodies is prohibited, especially synthetics, these reasons only big injury.Let it will be engaged in the doctors.

What to do in case of fire in the car

If the cabin there was a smell of burning rubber, plastic, smoke appears from under the hood, it's a fire.It is necessary to evacuate all passengers to a safe distance.If a smoke under the hood, a stick or a tire iron from a distance, open the hood (possibly flame), aim the extinguisher at the main center of the flame, as in the automotive extinguisher filling enough for a few seconds.Pelted with sand, earth or snow and cover with a tarpaulin.If it is impossible to extinguish the need to run back to the safety clearance - no closer than 10 meters, since the fuel tank may explode.