you need
  • - stand;
  • - propaganda posters;
  • - other materials for filling the stand.
Select a location for the fire safety of the stand.If your organization is not specifically allocated to this area, put the dashboard in the most visited place, accessible for public viewing.This could be, for example, the wall at the entrance to the personnel department, dining room or hallway.If a company has several floors, each of them must be located an evacuation plan in case of fire.
Arrange the title stand.It should clearly indicate its purpose, such as "Small Fire", "Fire" or "How to act in case of fire."The name of the stand must be done in large letters and well understood on the background of other informational materials.
Break prepared in advance to stand a few sections, providing each subtitle.Allow to stand visual instructions on how to use a fire extinguisher and a fire escape plan.The stand should be general guidelines for the prevention of fires and the basic rules of behavior in case of emergencies.
large font select emergency phone numbers and information on officials person responsible for fire safety at the plant.
Use for registration booth posters that figuratively describe the actions of personnel in case of fire.Explanatory labels should be short and precise.In the event of an emergency, the time for a detailed acquaintance with the small print instructions will not be long.
Highlight on the stand space for departmental orders and instructions governing the actions of officials in the emergencies.Consider also the presence of pockets for handouts.It may be leaflets or booklets, in which in a concise and understandable form describes recommendations for action when fire and measures to prevent it.