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If the accident occurred on the road, you should immediately stop the car (if it has not stopped the movement of the blow).The first thing to make sure you and all passengers in the order.Then out of the car and together with the other party to vote collision damage.On shallow accident (for example, a light touch bumpers) sometimes you can close your eyes.In other cases, you need to call the traffic police inspector.
Worldwide emergency services are called from a mobile phone at the number 112. It is important to know that the call is possible even with a negative account balance, when the keypad is locked and in a very weak signal network.When dialing 911 call is automatically forwarded to the emergency services.But on t
he number 02, you can only call from a landline (home) unit or a street pay phone (which also did not ask you a fee for making a phone call).
Tell the operator the reason for the call (traffic accident), and the address of your location).The attendant will ask you about whether there are victims, whether the busy roadway.If the answer to both questions is no, please be patient - especially the inspectors go to the accident, hindering movement.
Never, even in the case of very large fatigue or hurry, do not leave the scene of an accident!This momentary weakness can cost you dearly - until the criminal proceedings.The exception is leaving the accident scene to call emergency services (if it is not possible to call on a cell).If the driver makes a call and returns to his actions there is nothing unlawful.