not breaking the law

Federal law quite clearly separates weapons.They are two: those that can buy and store only with a special license, and located in a relatively free market.The latter "weapon" legislation include mechanical gazoraspyliteli, sprays with irritating and tear substances, devices to achieve the effect of electric shock, spark gaps, and weak air gun having a muzzle energy of 7.5 J and caliber not exceeding 4.5 mm.


Reminiscent outwardly conventional military weapons, air gun is actually not as formidable as one might think.In any case
, most security experts believe pneumatics most useless of all types of weapons available.The only advantage of this gun is quite common in the late twentieth century, it can be considered a "similarity" in the present fighting weapon.This, incidentally, is actively seeking the producers themselves, who know about the low demand in recent years, and is focusing on psychology.Much more like the professionals the ability to use an iron analog of the gun as a kind of weighting agent in the punch.

The downside, at least, not less.In particular, the shot of the pneumatics can be frightening, perhaps, only a fly or a dog.But man, he will not cause any harm.In winter, when people in the street are mostly tight clothes, shoot robber attacked you with a knife and did not make sense.Is that fright or even harder to make him angry.But in this case there is a high probability that the villain not only take away the purse, and "toy", but also give it to you on the head.


excellent and practical thing for self-defense, in particular, for the weak girls.Compact, small size, cartridge fits into a purse or jacket pocket autumn without attracting outside attention.Another advantage, in addition to allowing easy and inexpensive to buy, - a sufficiently high efficiency.Sprinkling attacker in the face, especially the "Pertsov" or "strike", the potential victim may have time to escape.Or, if you allow the strength and physical fitness, give the offender's head and twist ego.

serious drawback, perhaps, one: spray is not recommended for indoors, in an apartment.And if it is a spray rather than a jet, it is necessary to take into account the strength and direction of wind.Otherwise, you may be the victim of a double - and the attacker's own weapon.And in the heat of the struggle for life or purse wind rarely think ...

shocking bit

is very popular as a matter of self-defense, and is considered to be a stun gun.It is also quite compact, with only the electrodes, which give not very dangerous to the health of the discharge current.Its main value lies in the fact that, after receiving the discharge, especially in the exposed surface of the body, not just your opponent probably will fall into a short-term shock and being partially paralyzed, stops to understand what was going on, but literally fall asleep on the spot.At about the same as Brazil froze after the defeat of his team in the semi-finals of the football World Cup 2014 in Germany with a score of 1: 7.In addition, the shocking device a good disguise, because it is produced in the form of, for example, a flashlight, a cell phone or just a lighter.Minus one - rank bad breaks winter clothes.

cold pocket

not need a license, and for a fairly common type of knives, knife.But its use in street conflict, even if the police and the court will find you the victim and the victim, it is still fraught with punishment under several articles of the Criminal Code.His weapon is and athletes.And it's not only the notorious baseball bat in the trunk, but also, for example, a foil fencer, stick hockey on grass, hammer athlete or sports pistol shooter.However, you will need another license, you get a lot more complicated - a professional athlete.