If you have reason to believe that one of your neighbors is not only used drugs, but also engaged in their production or distribution, you can report their suspicions to the hotline of the FederalService for Drug Control in your town or on a single "anti-drug" number 8-800-345-67-89.
In addition, the site operates the online service desk where you can leave a message over the Internet.Here you can either submit their passport details and to declare the fact of the spread of narcotics anonymous, but in the second case, you will not be able to get an official response to your appeal.Finally, the Federal Drug Control Service, you can send an ordinary paper letter or come in person to the reception.
Also in Russia there are many civic associations dedicated to combating the spread of n
arcotic substances.For example, the fund "City Without Drugs" based in Yekaterinburg mayor also receives appeals from citizens about the facts of drug trafficking throughout the Russian Federation.Receiving calls is carried out both by phone and through the website of the fund.
In that case, when you see drug addicts are not engaged in the implementation of drugs, but simply violate the public peace, by forcing people to worry about their safety, you can go to the nearest police department or your precinct.This does not necessarily come in person and write a statement, enough to call the duty of the line 02 and to complain about the violation of the order.
may have to make some calls, as all police crews are busy.Nevertheless, in most cases, this measure is sufficiently effective.As a rule, it is enough to visit a police into the apartment, which regularly use drugs to its tenants ceased to bother the neighbors on the porch, choosing their meetings elsewhere.