Do not be afraid.Unspoken motto of the prison - "Do not believe, do not fear, do not ask" - the most well suited for communicating with criminals.You can learn martial arts for decades, have many ties, pocket pistol, a knife in his bosom, but if the meeting with the bandit you feel fear, you have to admit defeat.We will do everything to give everything and ask that demand.Frightened, then we lost.
spoke little, but do not be silent.Some criminals are trying to become attached to the words.If a person is frightened, it is possible to pull out from the context of any word, because of which the bandit greatly "offended."However, to remain silent in any case impossible.It can put you into a stupor at a time when the need to be active.
Do not be afraid to use force.Bandit bandit
discord and not always necessary to try to solve the problem peacefully.If before you a man with "empty" eyes that have nothing to lose, better to give money or other property that it requires.Life is more expensive.If you are unsure before you start fine representative of criminals and you are confident in their abilities, has impressive dimensions, well-delivered blow, or has the right to bear arms, not necessarily lost, and to act on his usual scenario.At a time when the enemy was "dispersed", starts his terrifying it can dramatically cool the ardor of the enemy a severe blow accurate or technically throw.Again, it is worth to clarify that it should be done only when you believe in yourself and you can see that is not faced with the most dangerous man from the underworld.
defuse the situation.Again, not when your life really is threatened, and in a situation where you are trying to intimidate you can portray something unusual that the bandit does not expect you to.Start loudly and clearly bear some nonsense, dance, sing, while staring wild-eyed at the opponent.With a little abnormal contact, who want to break the stereotype so frustrated gunman can be thus.If all went according to plan, I will not be ashamed to run away, if possible, with or without a twinge of conscience to give the desired result.