Tip 1: How to encrypt phrase

encryption, anagrams, puzzles - this is not only an exciting workout for the mind, but also a very useful skill in extreme cases.Art encryption can learn each.And gaining some practice, you can make your authoring techniques.
you need
  • - paper and stationery;
  • - computer keyboard.
If you decide to learn how to encrypt text, then you probably have the need to hide certain information from others.Now this is especially true.After all, no channel information is not completely reliable.Ongoing hacker attacks on mail servers and databases of mobile operators forced us to think about their own information security.
practicing encrypting text, start with the basics.The easiest way - encryption on the first letter.You write the most common text, but the first letter of each line vertically, will be encrypted message (Figure 1).
This method of encryption will help you if you detractors are forced to write a note to the families and to assure them that you are right.Extern
ally, the text will be completely meet all of their requirements, but you will be able to submit a "distress" (provided that the family also know the encryption method).
Another simple way to encrypt based on a computer keyboard.Each key for typing contain two letters - Russian and Latin.To encrypt the phrase "I will come tomorrow", type the text, switching to English layout.Then you'll have a «Z ghbtle pfdnhf» (Figure 2).To decrypt your message, the caller must perform the opposite effect - gain english text in Russian layout, or take advantage of specialized sites (eg, http://klava.biz/index.php , http://androidpage.ru/text-converter-konverter-raskladok-klaviatury-v-te ... et al.).
It is because of the existence of such services should not be sent by e-mail information of increased significance, encrypted way.If your box is compromised, then the third party will be able to decode your message.
For truly effective protection of your messages, develop their own coding system, the key to which will be known only to you and the person to whom you address your messages.
a basis you can also take a computer keyboard.Now think of the principle of coding.For example, conditionally designate keys for typing numbers (Figure 3).Some of the letters you will be referred to a single digit, the other - a two-digit.To avoid confusion, put a "/" between the numbers.And now encrypt the phrase, "He is not guilty."You should have "20/16 16/13 8/15/16/20/8/13/16."

Tip 2: How to encrypt a string

need to encrypt a string variable in the web programming occurs often enough.It may be necessary not only to work with passwords or other private data.For example, often encrypt html-code that you want to save to a file, database, or cookies, it's easier than organizing clean it from all forbidden characters prior to recording, and then restore them after the reading.Below is one of the options of encryption of a string variable using the language PHP.
How to encrypt a string
Use built-in language PHP base64_encode encoding string variables.It has only one option, which must be passed - the value of the variable being encrypted.For example, PHP-code that will be displayed on the page encoded by MIME base64 text "encrypted string" might look like this:
& lt;? Php echo base64_encode ('encrypted string');? & gt;
encoded text will be "5 + D46PTw7uLg7e3g / yDx8vDu6uA =".
base64_decode Use the built-in string variables to decode encrypted by MIME base64.This feature also has only one mandatory parameter.For example, to decode and display the page code that you received in the previous step, you can use the following line in the language PHP:
& lt;? Php echo base64_decode ('5 + D46PTw7uLg7e3g / yDx8vDu6uA =');? & gt;
use any web service, if coded word or test should be a one-off or if there is no possibility to perform PHP-scripts.For example, clicking on the page http://tools4noobs.com/online_php_functions/base64_encode enter only field the word or text and click the button labeled Base 64 encode.The script on the server will receive the data entered by applying the function base64_encode and place the encoded value in the additional input field.In it the encrypted string can be copied and used at your discretion.If necessary, you can use the same decryption web-based service that applies to the value you entered is a function base64_decode.The corresponding page on this site is available at http://tools4noobs.com/online_php_functions/base64_decode .