Call the Bureau of accidents and provide them with all the information about the incident that you have.Hour bureau receives information from ambulances, hospitals, morgues and sobering-up stations.Details are contained in a single database.Information gets there as citizens who were in possession of documents and about unidentified corpses, the people brought to the hospitals and the people who, due to any reason not able to identify themselves.

How would you not apply to the police, you need to see it there.It is believed that the application will take only three days after the disappearance of an adult, but is generally not documented anywhere.If you have reason to fear for the life and health of the disappeared, it is required to make an immediate statement.
Going to the station, take a photo of the missing.You can also grab some of his thing, if you assume that the case could be involved dog handlers with dogs (for example, if a person went for mushrooms in the woods and did not come back).Describe the duty that will accept your application, the circumstances under which your loved was gone - he had gone to work as usual, did you have an argument, maybe he oddly behaved.Try to remember what he was wearing, if they have any distinguishing marks - scars, birthmarks, tattoos, piercings.It would be good if you're holding a map of the tooth was missing - it is one of the most reliable ways to identify a person.Remember that any trifle can be useful during searches.Also, going to the police, do not forget to bring the documents proving your identity.

While the police is engaged in the investigation, you can start looking for yourself (of course, after consultation with the security officer, who is your case, whether it would not interfere with the investigation).Try to restore the circle of friends of the missing person and talk with them.Check out his e-mail.

will be quite natural if you want to find a missing mobile phone.Yes, cellular companies can track where the phone number and specify the location, but this is done only at the request of law enforcement bodies and only if a legitimate way to find the person no longer exists.Independently get this information, you can not.

disseminate information about the disappearance of a person.Place ads on forums and social networks.The declaration must be missing picture, description, and contact telephone numbers, which will be able to call people who have seen it.Also, ads should print out and paste up in the area where the person allegedly last seen.

You can also seek help from the private detective agency.In Moscow, the cost of services will range from 20 to 60 thousand.However, before you hire a detective, look for information about the agency on the Internet;there are as honest investigators, conscientiously perform their duties, and the people who profit from someone else's grief.

Gather a group of friends and relatives of the missing, and go around the abandoned buildings and cellars in the vicinity of the place where the person disappeared.Try to agree on a city forum Dog Training with the owners of service dogs to help those in your search.

If you have a suspicion that the missing person was a victim of a crime, it will certainly inform the police.In this case, you'd better not to undertake an independent search of the victim, at least, without discussing all your steps with the investigator.