Do not panic.Do not forget that attacked you - are people too and are not devoid of human weakness.Try to stun them unexpected behavior.Draw a heart attack or a seizure of epilepsy.Or, for example, show a sincere joy of meeting, if you have long been familiar, and offered a drink.Or ask the recently location "leaning" credibility Yashka.It may well be that the bullies will agree on booze and fights you can avoid.In any case, your behavior will admit them into confusion, and will help to assess the balance of forces, the pros and cons of the situation.
Run as soon as possible!Running is not superfluous to smash a shop window, the window of the bank or any of the apartment.In this case the alarm is triggered or the apartment owners will call the police.Even if you and write out a fine for disorderly conduct, you still remain safe and sound.If you have nowhere to flee, but there is a fire escape - climb on it.Above you see fit to fend off pursuers feet.
Identify the main among hooligans and the impact primarily on him.If you have in the hands of some thing (bag, backpack, etc.), throw it to him, shouting: "Catch."Reflex work, your opponent will catch the subject.The result: his hands are busy, distracted attention, and he is not ready to repel the attack.Beat!
strikes the painful points: the eyes, nose, ears, throat, groin, solar plexus.At the same time try to fight to protect these areas on your body.Be especially wary of capture behind.If you have a weapon, or you have chosen the right thing for the defense close to the ground (a piece of rebar, stick, stone, etc.), do not remove it explicitly.For example, pretend that straightens clothes or hair.Taking a weapon, act confident, that your opponents are never for a moment doubted your determination to apply it until the end.Draw affect - and everyone is always abnormal fear.
not vain heroism!If the goal of the attackers - just rob you better give them interesting things at the same time portraying the true horror.Remember that your life and health are much larger and the chance to win the fight with a lot of opponents are very few.