Tip 1: How to declassify spy

long as there are states, there will be spies, and then there are those produced in the territory of one country classified information to transmit them to the competent authorities of another country.Accordingly, any sovereign state is considering espionage as a direct threat to its national interests, and constantly working to identify spies.
in the old movies the spy was portrayed as a subject, wearing sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat pulled down almost over his eyes.Add to that his habit of raising the collar of his cloak, hiding her face and often look around.Of course, if all spies were such a klutz, they would be caught immediately.In fact, to expose the enemy agent, you need to pay attention to a lot of small parts.As the saying goes, "the devil is in the details."
spy-illegal immigrant is fluent in the language of the host country.But, even with phenomenal abilities and memory, he could not remember all the jargon, slang words, all the little eating certain unique to
a specific area or occupation.So for example, if, according to the documents, a person serving in such a time, has such a military specialty, and in conversation with colleagues do not understand slang designation of arms or ammunition, known to any man who served, it is an occasion guard.
Any reflex can "slow down" to keep under control.But if a person is tired, thoughtful, or relax, it may appear again.For example, the Russian people tend counting aloud, mechanically compress a fist.Residents also in Western Europe, by contrast, with the score aloud fingers unclenched fist.Such subtleties inherent in literally everything.Any nation has its own brought to the level of reflexes, the rules, as they say hello, to talk, to go to visit, to eat, to pay the bill in a restaurant, etc.That is, if a person posing as a Russian behaves in everyday life, quite simply, not in Russian, pay attention to it.There is reason to think seriously.
Finally, if a person for some reason does not want to talk about his childhood years, remember the neighbors house, the yard, the first teacher to talk about the places where he was born and grew up, this should also havecheerleaders.The fact that spies deliberately avoided such talk, not to be found guilty of ignorance of local conditions.Will start, for example, illegal remembered as a kid he was fishing in a local creek, and a native of the same place will be surprised, "Why, it is already in those years really became shallow, ankle-deep water there!What fish? ".

Tip 2: How to recognize a spy

spy mania and espionage - these "diseases", which occasionally cover the planet major political scandals.But espionage is now often found in ordinary daily life.This spies may be competitors, the employer, the other half.But how to calculate a spy and how to fight it?
How to recognize ..
you need
  • desire to recognize a spy.
computer espionage.
Be vigilant and reserves by.Recently, computer espionage is very popular.Thus it is most often used by employers in respect of their subordinates.The object of investigation in this case is your working time and what you borrow it.Typically, the role of the system administrator performs the spyware.To recognize this kind of espionage you can find online a special program, called Port Monitor and take advantage of them.However, the skilled experts say that if the administrator has set up all right, it is very difficult to detect espionage.
Computer spying.
Spy mobile phone.
Change your phone and do not let your mobile in the hands of others!Mobile espionage often practiced jealous second half.In addition, the spyware is also installed sometimes on business phones, which are issued by staff when applying for a job.Recognize spy on a cell phone is almost impossible.To get rid of it is to change the SIM card.Also, do not need to give your phone into the hands of those whom you suspect of espionage.
Spy on your mobile phone.
Surveillance on the street.
Job shadowing: be careful and ask for help!In the event that you are being followed professional, you hardly notice it.But if the surveillance is conducted openly - it is rather a way to intimidate.To deal with such spying is possible in two ways.First, try to photograph the witness suddenly, and then we will see who it is.Second, arrange for a kontrslezhku asking about close friends.
Remember that you can follow up only if you call the suspicion of competitors, superiors or the second half.
Helpful Hint
1. Excessive vigilance - not a vice.Trust yourself.
2. At the slightest suspicion of spying, did not hesitate to use the methods of its prevention and (or) liquidation.
  • how to recognize spyware