After the cause of most accidents involving fire is carelessness or panic.You need to know the basic rules of behavior in case of fire.Do not start to panic - try to objectively analyze the situation in which you find yourself.Always try first to call the emergency services and in anticipation of fire, try to do everything possible to stop the spread of fire.The fire intensified under the influence of oxygen, so even the smallest fire, close all doors and windows, and in any case do not try to blow out the flame.No less dangerous than a fire is carbon monoxide - so immediately prepare a damp cloth to breathe through it.If the room is filled with smoke, navigate as low as possible to the floor - below the concentration of smoke will always be the lowest.In case of fire appliances in any case do not extinguish

with water - nabroste on technology heavy curtains or bedspread, and ideally, use a special fire extinguisher.If the fire spreads, and there is a need for evacuation, in any case, do not panic and do not jump from the upper floors, as it is not necessary to go down the rope or gutters tubas, if you know for sure that it will soon come help from outside.The most common fires occur in homes or apartments.It is necessary to behave in a fire and try as quickly as possible to eliminate a small fire, if it is you can do.If you see that it is too late to put out - do not waste time and try to evacuate as soon as possible on the street, if possible, taking with him a passport and other important documents.On leaving the apartment, close windows and doors, and if the output is blocked by a strip of fire, exit to the balcony and try to escape through the fire escape or to attract maximum attention.Remember that the lift can not be used during the evacuation.If you have not caught fire at home, and in any institution - be careful not to succumb to the general panic and follow the evacuation plan, which is usually always hangs in a prominent place in the corridor or lobby.If you suddenly alongside you in trouble a person (for example, it burned clothing) - do not let him escape, but rather immediately tumbled down the victim to the ground and throw with his clothes any thick cloth.When the fire is extinguished, do not remove yourself from the victim's clothes - it should be the doctors.Knowing these basic rules, you can protect yourself and others in a fire.