used for filling LPG explosive gas.All passengers before entering the gas filling stations.Before you start to fill the car, get out of it.Make sure that access to the charging device was free gas should be free to enter into the tank of the car.
In some cases it is necessary to connect the adapter.Independently, do not connect or remove the clamp, filling gun and do not touch the column.Include the engine only after the fuel nozzle is disconnected and returned to his seat cap.The car with the gas equipment in any case can not be refilled with the ignition.
Before charging, make sure that the tank car in order and has no defects or overdue examination.Inspect the clamp.It should also be in good condition and not be skewed.Promptly remove any m
alfunction of the gas cylinder in special workshops.
Observe all, otherwise you can make a confusion in the refueling , which will lead to unwanted conflict.Outside the queue can be serviced only fire protection, first aid, war veterans, militia, invalids of work and war, emergency utility and gas industry.
drove up to the dispenser only from the opening of the fuel tank of your car, then you do not have to then expand the machine.Scooters and motorcycles stop at a distance of at least 15 meters from the speakers.Before their immediate refueling turn off the engine.
distance between your car and the other should be at least one meter.Bus passengers before filling should leave the territory of the gas station.
not smoke in the car refueling .Please note that vehicles are prohibited to refuel during atmospheric discharges.Your car must be no dangerous goods (chemicals, explosive gas and much more).After refueling, clean your vehicle from possible oil residues, only then can you start the engine.