So just in case, better to think in advance about how you will deal with phone bullies, if the need arises.In order to fight with the phone hooligan was successful to begin to figure out the identity of the person who is at the opposite end of the line.Then you will be able to record the fact that a telephone hooliganism in law enforcement.Of course, if you have a phone with caller ID, the problem is solved by itself (if not a bully calls from the machine).If the caller ID you do not, you will simply hang next to the phone without dropping the call, and the call from the neighbors or from mobile to the telephone exchange.As long as you do not hang up, the link will remain (at least one hour).Therefore, the staff of telephone stations can easily identify the caller's ph

one.Often bullies use modern phone and other communication channels - send messages to the mobile phone.In this case, you must immediately contact the police to her staff conducted check on the channels and find out who spoils your life.As your application can draw up a protocol on administrative violation, but it is necessary to establish that in this case there is criminal intent.Unfortunately, most of the phone bullies are not recognized in the true purpose of its activities - they are usually justified by the fact that the elementary to the wrong number, or simply wanted to make a joke.Therefore, to effectively deal with bullies telephone only by appealing to a magistrate.The main difficulty with which you can push in the magistrates' court - independent representation of the business.If you are not confident in their abilities - contact a lawyer.If you send SMS messages, do not remove them - they will be useful as evidence.And do not forget to enlist the support of witnesses.Evidence and compelling justifications of your material claims will be considered in court all receipts from the pharmacy that you were given when purchasing sedatives (which you had to take the fault of the telephone hooligan).But in any case, do not be tempted to call back to the number from which you call or send a message.Very often, so you can lose all the money from your own account (the number can be paid, and you will remove a large sum of money for the connection).