theory №1.The human factor

Immediately after the accident the first proved guilty executives and managing the composition of the station.This conclusion was previously given a special state committee of the USSR.Such an assumption was made and the IAEA.The Advisory Committee, guided by the USSR provided the materials and gave the conclusion that the accident was the result of coincidence of various violations of rules for operation of the plant operating staff, which is unlikely.

Such large-scale catastrophic failure due to acquired human error.For the same reasons, the reactor was transferred to a non-standard mode.According to experts created the committee, all of these flagrant violations of the rules of operation of the plant were to b
e to carry out the necessary tests at any cost.This is despite the fact that the condition of the reactor changed.We do not have time to run while still serviceable technological protection that could just stop the operation of the entire reactor and concealed the scale of the disaster in the first days after the explosion.

theory №2.Deficiencies in the design of the nuclear reactor

In the Soviet Union a few years yet changed their minds blame occurred only nuclear power plant personnel.Special Commission nuclear supervision of the Soviet Union came to the conclusion that the accident happened she still the fault of the staff.But such catastrophic proportions it has acquired only due to faults in the design of nuclear reactor, its shortcomings.

This opinion appeared and the IAEA, only a couple of years.His view on the accident, they published in a special report.It also submitted that the main reason was an error in the draft of the reactor and its very structure.Errors in personnel are also sounded, but as an additional factor.The report indicates major mistake was that the work still supports the actions of the reactor in a dangerous mode.

theory №3.The impact of natural disasters

will be other than the opinions of experts version of what happened.For example, that the cause of the accident was an earthquake.This version would be able to confirm the fact that the accident happened the local earthquake.Base - assumption is seismic shock, which was recorded in the area of ​​nuclear power plant.However, nuclear power plant workers, who were on the works of other reactors do not feel anything at all.