This special device resembles the clock, very compact and lightweight.Extremely simple in operation, it is worn on the arm.The main body of the bracelet is active button, when pressed, the signal is transmitted wireless to the control point.There he receives the clock duty officer.He sees on an electronic map address of the person asking for help.

Manager quickly understands what exactly the problem is.Depending on its complexity, the worker immediately contacts with the special services, social workers or close relatives of the victim, performing their task to save it.

Older people often lose their memory.Coming out of the house, can not remember his own name, forget resi
dence.Special bracelet allows you to find the coordinates of the lost, no matter where he is at the moment - in the city or in the forest.

control and support to sick people in need of medical, geriatric centers.In that case, if he feels the sudden deterioration of the health of this signal with the name of the patient and the House will go immediately to the panel to the nurse.

In recent years, frequent fires in social institutions (nursing homes, homes for the disabled) with numerous victims.The presence of alarm devices residents of such institutions is necessary.In case of fire, the bracelet will vibrate, alerting the owner of the danger.

Special bracelet can be useful and wild places of nature lovers.For example, tourists in impassable forests and mountains is waiting for a lot of dangers.In case of injury, you must immediately call emergency services.At such moments, every minute expectations.On how quickly will help to affected depends not only health, but life itself.And anxiety bracelet will be very helpful.