Take the first attempt of reconciliation and try to bring to the attention of the neighbors, they violate your peace of mind.It is likely that they do not even realize how good audibility in your entryway.Think about it, they are unlikely to want to pass judgment on others everything that happens in their family, and even be grateful if you warn them about the features of the walls have ears.
not react painfully if in response boorish hear rebuke.You must be confident in the absolute correctness and tact of his
actions.The only way you increase your chances to achieve results: Unfortunately, in this case, everything will depend only on the good agreement of both parties, as the coercive measures to nothing lead.
Prepare reasonable arguments why you disliked the noise now.Maybe you have a headache or a sleeping little baby.Offer not ultimatums and compromises.Your neighbors also have the right to life, which includes the repair and play the piano, watching TV and movies.With this you need to come to terms.
find mutually satisfactory alternatives.Ask postpone the drill to the point when the baby wakes up and promises to inform immediately.Suggest to transfer lessons of their daughter on the piano for an hour early.Give the new year good headphones for the TV.Make your imagination to work, because the goal is worth it!
Use tactics to counter when ready for war.In the violent behavior of neighbors react response noise.However, the more likely it will cause hostility of all other residents of the house, rather than lead to the disappearance of complicating life sounds!Yes, and your stay in the apartment is transformed from a comfortable and relaxing in a stress and conflict.