Understand the true causes of flooding .It can be yourself, and possibly your unscrupulous neighbors.Faulty pipes, improperly connecting household appliances - all of which can harm you as much as you do not expect.
Do not worry and never get involved in a squabble with the perpetrators - it is no good will not.And overly aggressive can aggravate your situation.Only operate safely and purposefully.
No way during the evaluation period damage and did not make any repairs since traces of flooding visible after drying.It will take approximately 2-4 weeks.
use of independent expertise.This is the only way to be more effective in dealing with compensation for damage to you and damage.Because of this you will be able with
confidence to claim the full amount, which had suffered losses.
In such cases, first compiled reports about the sinking of a detailed description of the place flooding , time, water temperature, as damage of hot water, as a rule, far more than from the cold.Comply with all formalities, do not miss the slightest detail.Keep all receipts and receipts you paid for the services of experts.
rank damage and flooding from place in several stages.Starting from simple inspection, completing a report on the full cost of the damage caused well.Present at all stages of the evaluation in person to make sure the integrity of the examination.If you with something do not agree, then be sure to voice their opinions.
to fully compensate damage , you just need to have on hand the following documents: inspection certificate, photography traces flooding , estimates for repair work, a detailed conclusion about the state of your property, the expertFinally, the cost of restoration work.