In particular, they can infect the water, soil and harm wildlife.Cadmium is able to cause harm to microorganisms and adversely affect the decomposition of organic matter.It may also accumulate in the fish, which reduces its quantity and makes it unsuitable for human consumption.

addition, in batteries containing alkaline and acid components, heavy metals (mercury, lithium, lead, zinc and cobalt).

What dangerous batteries - rechargeable or disposable?

in household use as disposable and rechargeable batteries.

batteries used in mobile devices, laptops, computers, digital camcorders, cameras.They contain environmentally hazardous compounds and nickel cadmium, nickel hydride and lithium.

disposable batteries used in flashlights, toys
, smoke detectors, wall clocks, calculators, radios and remote controls.This alkaline batteries, in which the chemical reaction is converted into electrical energy.They contain zinc and manganese.Disposable batteries are less harmful than batteries, but they are often discarded, and the volume of waste from them anymore.

What happens to used batteries and accumulators

when they are discarded along with the rest of the waste, batteries and accumulators are in the dumps.These toxic components penetrate into the water and into the soil, polluting lakes, streams, making the water unfit for drinking, fishing and swimming.If a dump of a place will be held rain, with rain water toxic substances will penetrate deeper into the soil.It increases the likelihood that they will get into the ground water.

Some chemicals from the batteries and accumulators can react with other debris, and then they form a very dangerous compounds.

In some cases, toxic substances can cause serious harm to humans, animals and plants.For example, this occurs when in the same place constantly emit a small amount of the waste, or when a large amount of toxic waste discarded at once.

man and animals can be exposed to harmful components through their inhalation, ingestion and through skin contact.For example, a person can inhale the vapors of contaminated water in the shower.It can also eat foods contaminated with toxic substances.The most common type of poisoning of the human body of toxic substances is due to contaminated drinking water.If toxic adjudged to human skin, also become infected.

consequences of such an impact on human health can be very different from the skin burns in the event of leakage of alkaline batteries to chronic diseases.

With constant exposure to toxic substances can develop diseases such as cancer, liver failure, there is slow growth and development in children.The danger of toxic substances is also that some of them accumulate in the body, manifesting itself not immediately.When the number reaches a critical level, there are serious health problems.