Stay calm, soberly assess the situation and do not panic.If you can escape unnoticed, use it.But only if you are not near the invaders and there are safe ways to escape.
not stand out from the crowd, do not look into the eyes of criminals, and not make any sudden movements.Do not cry, do not cry, do not swear, and refrain from other actions that may cause irritation to the invaders.
Follow all orders invaders do not give them resistance.Unquestioningly give personal things, tell the right information and take the necessary space in the room.
ask permission for all movement to the invaders did not take it for attempting to escape.Get up, move around and go to the toilet should be only after a permit.If possible, Naladte contact with criminals, gently engage i
n conversation and to win.
Examine the room, try to choose the safest place, consider the path of retreat.It will quickly run away, if the opportunity arose.
not lose strength and presence of mind.If you do not move, do not give water and food, you can come loose and therefore miss the opportunity to escape.Make the minimum physical exercise to keep the body in good shape and be able to escape if necessary.
Stay away from windows, doors and invaders themselves, do not try to stand in the front row.When the assault, this will help prevent damage from debris and accidental bullets.If you start firing, take a horizontal position, bend your elbows and cover your head with your hands.
Remember the basic information about the invaders.How many of them than armed, special signs or other information that can help law enforcement authorities.If you let go, you will be able to help in the search or seizure.