you need
  • vigilance and common sense
observe basic rules of fire safety at home.This does not mean that you should give short weight all fire extinguishers and never include electric stove or gas.Just do not forget about the included electrical appliances and do not leave home until they make sure that in terms of fire safety is all right.Incidentally, the safety devices - is not only their off state.Sockets should not be covered by furniture or other flammable materials and the reliability of wires and cables should be periodically calibrated.
matter how ridiculous it m
ay sound - anxious about the safety of their lives.People think that they can accidentally rob or shoot bandits on the street, but they did not think about the dangers of a domestic nature.Carefully cross the road and try not to slip between cars at a red light.This can be very effective, and even fun, but from serious injury in this case saves you a chance.Always check the reliability of transport, which are going to make long journeys.If you eat in the car, make sure that it does not happen during the trip.If you use the plane, try to choose a branded flying and airplanes tested airlines.
Pay close attention to what you eat.It is very easy to get sick or get poisoned because of defective products or drugs that have expired.Always read the label and pay attention to composition, date of manufacture and manufacturer.Also, no harm will see the presence of preservatives and artificial additives.