you need
  • - caller ID;
  • - DVR;
  • - recorder;
  • - hidden camera.
Get rid of anonymous threats can change all your contact information up to the residence.If the person who bothers you, no connections in law enforcement, he will lose his victim forever.Live a little at a friend, insert a new SIM card into the phone (preferably at another person), go on vacation, if you are working, or complete your hospital.This option, of course, give you time to relax and give your nerves in order, but if you come from behind in earnest, sooner or later you will "light up", and then everything will be repeated again.
Trying to track down a mysterious stranger c
an be yourself.If you received a threat on the phone, buy a device with a function of caller ID.Perhaps this man is so stupid that calls you at home with his work, etc.You can also order the printing of incoming calls from your mobile operator's representative or professional GTS.
Apart phone with caller ID, you can use another "spy" equipment.Get a DVR recorder, hidden camera.All this will help you to unmask the mysterious detractors.
If you feel that you're being pursued, ask your close friends carefully observe his "tail."Perhaps this would be the efficient option.
If you receive threatening messages through the Internet, try to install the IP-address from which the messages were sent.
You have a reason to worry for their lives or the health of loved ones?Then contact the police.Write a statement that you are threatened, and, if possible, provide a real confirmation of his words (recorded on the recorder, a letter with threats etc.).
If you want to play safe, consult the services of private detectives.The actions of these people sometimes go beyond the law, so not all of the information obtained can be considered as evidence, but you will know who pose a threat.
Another way to save yourself from this kind of problem is this: Think about who you lately, "crossing the road."If, for you destroyed someone's family or someone has lost a good position as it tipped you, then, as they say, at least do not go to the fortuneteller.If you know that the person threatening you harmless, do not pay attention to what he says.And even better - when he next call, lift the handset, listen carefully and refer to this person's name.As soon as it comes up, it is disclosed, threats cease.