Regulations for baggage, not invented airport workers.They are set for all, without exception, passenger air transportation.The purpose of this restriction is one - security.And before you go on holiday or on business, you need to see whether all of what is in the suitcase, will be allowed to carry on board aircraft.

Airguns: take it or not?

Quite often the airport is having difficulty with the transportation of weapons, not only firearms, cold, and air, as well as models and toys that simulate different types of weapons.To avoid this, you must know that the transport of pneumatic weapons, as well as fire, cold and antique in the cabin is not permitted.Conduct air rifle and pistol only as baggage or cargo.This requires prior approval of the carrier.

Passengers wishing to transport
air guns should arrive at the airport well in advance of registration.The presence of weapons and their intentions, he must declare at the time of registration at the counter, when filling out the customs declaration or the passage of security control.After that, the counter will be invited to a law enforcement officer or airport security.

They will check permits and take the weapon for carriage by issuing him the documents.Approvals necessarily required to air guns, muzzle energy greater than 7.5 J. If the muzzle energy is 3 to 7.5 J, permit law enforcement officials to carry such weapons is not required.In that case, if the muzzle energy of the pneumatic weapon reaches 3 J, does not apply to weapons and is considered to be structurally similar.But in all cases the rules of transportation of airguns same.

Transport Regulations airguns

Airguns transported in disassembled form only in the luggage compartment in the space provided for this purpose place.During the flight, it must be out of reach for either passengers or crew members.Weapons are packed in special bags and stowed in a container, the key to which is the crew.

Transport Regulations strictly forbidden to carry guns, even carefully packed in the cockpit and returned to its owner on board the aircraft or at the ramp.Passengers can pick up confiscated from him to transport air guns at the destination in a specially designated place.The gear aviation security officers in the presence of a representative of the airline.The transfer is made in compliance with all formalities.