To obtain a license for the purchase of weapons intended for self-defense - traumatic or gas, it will be necessary to pass a medical examination, to receive help from a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist that on the account of these health care professionals younot a member, as well as medical information form 046-1.You will need to take a picture and attach to the application for the acquisition of weapons of two photos 3x4.In some parts of the licensing and permitting work in ATC, which issued a weapons permit is required to apply the text of the application in electronic form.In addition, from his precinct you must submit a report that your house has a lockable metal box in which to store arms;as well as a photocopy of pages of current passport, a cop
y of the certificate of tax registration with the VAT, information about work and receipt of state license fee.In this case the amount of the fee is 0.3 the minimum wage (SMIC).
When are you going to issue a license for the purchase of the smooth-bore hunting weapon, you must get a special metal safety deposit box where it will be stored.The presence of such a safe in your home precinct should be drawn up a report, which you attach to the package of documents.His list corresponds to the above, but the amount of the state fee for registration of the license in this case is 1 minimum wage.In addition, further to the application must be accompanied by a copy of your hunting permit.
When it comes to buying rifled hunting weapons from you will also need a certificate that you have registered at least 5 years ago, hunting weapons, a request from your society of hunters.You must also be attached to the application receipt: for the payment of the state fee in the amount of two minimum wages and payment for permission to keep and bear arms.In addition, the Act will require verification of weapons storage facilities, which must sign the district, allowing the representative body and you;and a feature on you, issued by the personnel department of the enterprise, where you work.