first victims of the disaster

first victims of a powerful leak of radioactive substances have become operational nuclear power plant.The explosion of a nuclear reactor immediately killed two workers.In the next few hours, a few more people had died, and for several days the mortality rate among workstations continued to increase.People died from radiation sickness.

accident occurred on April 26, 1986, and April 27 evacuated residents of nearby town of Pripyat, who complained of nausea, headaches and other symptoms of radiation sickness.By the time passed since the accident for 36 hours.

28 workstations died four months later.Among them were the heroes who risked mortal danger to stop further leakage of radioactive substances.

At the time of the accident and after it dominated southe
rn and eastern winds, and poisoned air masses heading north-west toward Belarus.The authorities kept the incident a secret from the world.Soon, however, the sensors at nuclear power plants in Sweden beeped danger.Then, the Soviet authorities had to admit what had happened to the world public.

Within three months after the accident died from radiation 31 people.About 6,000 people, among whom were residents of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, thyroid cancer.

Many doctors in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union have recommended pregnant women to have an abortion to prevent the birth of sick children.This was not necessary, as it turned out.But because of the panic of the accident have been greatly exaggerated.

for environment

Shortly after the leak of radioactive substances at the station in the infected area of ​​trees killed.The area became known as the "Red Forest", because the dead trees become red color.

damaged reactor was filled with concrete.As far as this measure it was effective, and how useful it will be in the future remains a mystery.Plans to build a more robust and secure "sarcophagus" waiting for their implementation.

Although contamination of the terrain, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant continued to work for a few years after the accident, it is not the last reactor was stopped in 2000.

plant, ghost towns Chernobyl and Pripyat with the fencing of the area, known as the "exclusion zone" closed to the public.Nevertheless, a small group of people returned to their homes in the disaster area, and continues to live there despite the risks.Also in the area are allowed to visit the infected scientists, government officials and other experts with the purpose of inspections and investigations.In 2011, Ukraine opened access to the accident site for tourists wishing to explore the consequences of the disaster.Of course, for such a tour fee.

Modern Chernobyl is a kind of reserve, where wolves, deer, lynx, beavers, eagles, wild boars, moose, bears and other animals.They live in the dense forests surrounding the former nuclear power plant.Were only a few cases of detection of animals suffering from radiation with a high content of cesium-137 in the body.

However, this does not mean that the ecosystem around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant returned to normal.Due to high levels of radiation the area is not safe for human habitation for another 20 000 years.