Go to the security settings of your mailbox (if you still have access to it).For example, if you use the mail , the Security tab will address the following: .Look, c IP-addresses was made the last entry in the mailbox.Then go to one of the services WHOIS (for example, ).Find out for whom the fixed IP-address.It is likely that in this case you get comprehensive information about the end user, but still considerably narrow down the circle of suspects.
When registering a mailbox send a letter to the administration-mail asking to follow your account.Administrators in this case, put on your account program, which prohibits the entrance to other IP-based addresses.Depending on the postal service, this service will be
charged.Some mail services may use similar settings and the user in the tab "Security" (such as checking or unchecking the box next to the option "session with only one IP-address on ).
Please visit and use one of the programs that have been laid out on this page to gather more information about the IP-address or website, which was committed to breaking.Then contact your service provider, serving the address of the site and requested to take appropriate measures to prevent further unauthorized access to information.It may also happen that you will fail, but you can negotiate informally.
Find out the name of the computer on the network and using a simple method.Press Win + R.In the search box window that appears, type «cmd», click «OK».At the command prompt, type «nslookup» IP-address of the computer name you want to find, press Enter.
Discover methods of protection from hackers and crooks on sites known bloggers, for example, .