Try to estimate approximately how many people is monitoring you.Also, pay attention to the nature of the surveillance.If you "lead" 1-2 people, and at the same time they try to make you do not notice it says only "standby" interest.Most likely, you are being followed as a prevention and an attempt to escape from observation only increase suspicion to you.If surveillance is a whole brigade, and observers from time to time change, it already speaks about the seriousness of your opponents.It is also about the dangers says demonstrative observation.
If possible, leave from prosecution without rough methods.It is better if the observers will think you have lost yourself.To do this, I
usually travel routes, time out of the house.Often change.Try to get lost in the crowd.Repeatedly change the way to travel, transplanted from one vehicle to another.Because public transportation go at the last moment before the door closed.
Try to be well-known to you the area where you will be able to leave on gates through checkpoints entrances, backdoors, etc.
If you go by car from the surveillance, using techniques such as unexpected twists, rebuilding lanes, running a red light.You can apply an unexpected turn without turning on the turn signal.Do not forget to choose a time and inspect the car for the presence of false beacon.
If quiet escape from the surveillance could not have to go to more radical methods.Podkaraulte pursuer the corner and disable it unexpected blow.This will give you time to escape.You can also open a dispute to engage with him, provoking a fight.Even if you do not gain the upper hand, it will attract the attention of people that will be in your favor.
After retiring from the surveillance, try as soon as possible to leave the city.Caught in a safe place, find out who and for what purpose it organized.The best way for this to refer to specialists.