First of all, one should try to still the world to solve the problem, try to negotiate, explain why you are very loud music interferes.For example, in your family has a small child who needs to be put to bed early, or you get up very early to work.Ask them to turn down the sound after twenty-three hours, or at least warn the intended, for example, birthday or any party.Try to establish contact with them, because it is very unpleasant to live in constant stress.
If you still are not under any circumstances do not want to meet you, try the method of public censure.Perhaps it would be a shame if
at the general meeting of tenants they reprimanded.You can arrange an ad, drawn at the meeting, with the requirement to comply with the rules of living together.
You can also call the number "02" on duty police officer with a request to calm the noisy neighbors .At first they simply warn.In the case of repeated calls to the duty of them may be issued an administrative fine.Paying fines several times, it is unlikely they will be the next time to break the silence after eleven pm.
Seek help for your precinct.He should conduct preventive conversations with these tenants and to warn them of the administrative responsibility for such behavior.But first, write a statement, which must sign the largest possible number of neighbors .It try to explain the essence of the claims to the specific facts: when and how often tenants break the silence, how many times have you approached him with requests for termination of such behavior who can prove your claim.
course, we can offer you the same answer them and also involve loud music.But in this case, will suffer no innocent neighbors.And to answer rudeness to rudeness is not entirely correct.Therefore, use legitimate methods of dealing with noisy neighbors.