Gather documentation submitted a sample of your patent-pending intellectual property.This may be a useful model (ie, the totality of the technical characteristics of its product) or industrial design (art-design decision, or, in modern parlance, design).In addition, and imposed other general requirements: novelty and originality.Does your invention these qualities will be determined by the patent committee.
Apply to the executive body on intellectual property.In Russia, such documents is responsible for the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks (Rospatent).The application shall attach a set of pictures of the industrial design th
at gives a complete picture of its decoration, or drawings of the utility model.
application processing will take two stages: formal (in the accuracy of documents) and to the point.In the second phase, experts will check how the original is to provide you sample, you do not let something like businesses competing on a number of grounds.
If you do not want to go alone on the thorny path of communication with employees of Rospatent, you can contact one of many agencies providing services of a patent attorney.Experts will analyze the market and find out if similar products are manufactured by other companies, as new and original is your sample.This will save time and effort, not applying for patents notorious inappropriate to the requirements of Rospatent product.In addition, patent attorneys promise to assist in the filing of the application and documents describing your model or sample.Of course, not free service agencies.