you need
  • - the telephone directory;
  • - a computer with Internet access;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - handle.
Report it may be a police officer supervisor.Find out the name and the name of the police and the department in which he works.Locate the directory address and telephone number of the department.Call and ask for the date and time of personal reception.If you live in the city, most likely you will need to pre-book an appointment.The village or a small town sometimes do without this formality, the reception is carried out in a queue.
Prepare statement.It is written in free form, but in any case in t
he upper right corner of the need to specify to whom the complaint is addressed, from whom she and your contact details.In the main text, describe what happened.Enter the data of the police officer who treated you properly, place and date.It may also happen that the police refuse to report their data.Then just select the essence of the incident, when and where it occurred, have to understand.
Complain about police work is possible and on the annual report to the residents.Heads of departments of the current Russian legislation required to hold such a meeting, where all the people can come with their questions and complaints.Learn about the time of the report can be from the local media.In some cities, the local administration informs residents about such events and through management companies that hang ads on the approaches and through the official sites of the city.
Leaders police units are not always attentive to citizens' complaints on the staff of his department, so do not be surprised if you encounter a cold reception.The next place you should turn - the prosecutor's office.That it must ensure that the rights of citizens are respected in full.The prosecutor's office is better to apply in person, and the application can write directly on the spot.The sample should either be at the information booth or the secretary.
with complaints of police can be accessed in court.Before it is best to consult a lawyer, as the courts are not obliged to provide citizens with no sample documents or lists of what you need to provide.On the contrary, the judge during the just and evaluates which of the parties has provided more convincing evidence.Therefore, you have to make a claim on their own.The lawsuit indicate what happened, when, where and with whom.Write what legislation violated a police officer, as well as what kind of compensation you would get.