clearly verbalize their intentions.The neighbors have a good hearing and eyesight of an eagle, but can not read our thoughts.Therefore, their intentions - start a repair, change the pipe, mark housewarming or birthday - must be reported in advance.Hang classified by the elevator on the ground floor - it's easy.Go to the bottom and meticulous pensioner dance padede polite neighbor, informing about tomorrow noise even easier.Attention, lack of attention and incomplete awareness - these stumbling blocks in dealing with most of its neighbors, especially the retirement age.
not idtite in the wake of the provocateurs.Brawlers and gossip - it is a fairly common type of neighbors.They propose to coll
ect signatures, writing collective letters to the management company or call the district for rowdy or owner hourly apartment, and then hide in the bushes.Or, even worse, start to establish friendly relations with the "victim".Do not feed your energy vampires.All the better to stop the discussion polite and indifferent remarks: "Thanks for the information, but I do not have time for this.I think that can be done. "
Do not hesitate to contact the police.Many people forget about their civil rights or afraid of vengeance, preferring to tolerate drunks who defecate in the stairwell, narkotochku or no healthy person who collects garbage or experimenting with flammable substances.If a personal interview with the disturber of the public peace was barren, it is necessary to warn of possible sanctions.Only need to remember that all domestic disputes are usually mutual.And to force to resolve problems should be handled only when diplomatic exhausted.