If your door trying to break into the apartment or otkrytDayte robbers know that you are at home.Cleared his throat loudly, zapoyte song, turn on the TV, call someone a male name or pretend that you respond to the call.Even if you are alone at home, pretend that you are the whole company.Remember the famous movie "Home Alone".If this does not help, call the police and neighbors.Ask your neighbors to look in the eye and remember the signs of the robbers.Open the window and lift noise.Shout, shout for help and attract attention of passers-by.If you live in a private home and no neighbors nearby, barricade the door furniture.If this
is not possible, as much as possible dump heavy objects, items and clothing at the door.Your task - to lend a time and do not give criminals get inside before the arrival of the police.
If thieves inside your Domani enter the house, if you find that the door was open, and inside there is someone.Try to move to a safe place, but so was seen to approach the house.Call the police.Attempts were made to arrest the thieves can be independent only if you are absolutely confident in their abilities.If the police detain and thieves leave the house with your things, try to remember as much as possible details of their marks.This will help the police to detain criminals in hot pursuit, and return you to the property.
If you witness a robbery of a store or bankaVypolnyayte requirements criminals.If you are ordered to lie on the floor and take his hands behind his head, obey.Do not provoke the robbers and do not make them nervous.Try to calm down.Do not cry, do not cry and did not appeal to the conscience of criminals.At the same time, do not lose composure and try to remember everything that happens around.How many robbers as they speak with an accent or not, whether there is among them a woman, even a smell coming from them and what their shoes.Even the smallest details can further help the investigation to solve the crime.