Tip 1: How to insure a life

question his own life insurance is especially important for seniors to draftees and soldiers, tourists, children and members of high-risk professions.Equally important is health insurance.Today, a lot of insurance companies offer their services.The ability to insure his own life today have virtually everyone.
you need
  • documents proving your identity (passport, taxpayer identification number, the full list to be specified in the selected insurance company) money.
necessary to choose a program of life insurance.There are two options: accident insurance and endowment insurance.In both cases, the payment takes place upon the occurrence of an "accident", but the terms are substantially different.With savings insurance, if the insured event did not come until the end of the contract that you make money you get back.According to this agreement can make the sum insured once, in several installments, or pay contributions regularly until the end of the contract.In normal accident insuran
ce (not cumulative), deposited funds will not return.
selecting the type of insurance, go to the selection of the company-insurer.Gather as much information about the reliability of the company, read reviews how regularly paid money.Evaluate how long the company exists.
choose the company carefully read the life insurance contract, if you do not understand something, do not hesitate to ask questions.The contract should not be conditions that can be interpreted in different ways.
signed a contract and made provision amount.

Tip 2: How to insure the life of the passenger and baggage

loss of luggage, accidents in the journey - if this can not be avoided, you can reduce the negative impact of insuring your belongings or your life.There are several different ways that this can be done.
How to insure the life of the passenger and baggage
Life insurance and luggage - a normal practice in the West.In Russia, however, is just getting used to the same extent.And not all understand the importance of insurance, considering it an additional extortion money.
Perhaps this opinion among Russian consumers is composed due to lack of awareness.For example, when you make a travel insurance are not sufficiently informative, and the man is difficult to understand why this is necessary.

How to take out insurance

way to design insurance against loss of luggage or an accident a few.One of them - drawing insurance directly when buying a ticket.As a rule, it is proposed automatically when you make a ticket on the airline or railways.The cost of such insurance is not high enough - about 400 rubles per policy.He acts only on the trip, that is,It ceases as soon as the person leaves the plane or train.Naturally, if nothing had happened.If the insured event occurs, the passenger will be able to claim for damages - the cost of lost luggage or the cost of treatment.

insurance, which can be arranged on site when buying a ticket covers the following types of accidents as:
- damage caused to life, health or disability
- loss, damage luggage.

You can take out insurance on their own insurance company.In this case, the subject of insurance are:
- temporary disability rights, which was the result of an accident with an airplane or train.And it does not matter what the severity of the accident - is a normal incident or crash;
- personal injury arising as a result of the accident with the vehicle;
- getting disability insured person due to accident with a vehicle;
- the death of the insured.
amount of payments depends on the severity of the impact.For example, the families of the deceased insured will pay more than those who received minor injuries.

When it comes to luggage insurance, you can insure against:
- lost;
- damage.

insurance policy

For insurance policy the customer pays the insurance company a so-called premium.It shall be paid in the manner and within the period specified in the insurance contract.Only in this case the insurer to the policyholder obligations appear.The cost of this policy is determined by the basic rates of a particular insurance company.To calculate the average price does not work, since each insurer their prices.

According to the agreement the insurance takes effect from the date of passage of the insured preflight inspection or boarding the train up and running before it leaves the airport or the train.

As for transit passengers are also insured for the whole period of stay in the transit area of ​​the airport transplant.If he leaves the airport on their own, for example, to walk around the city, the effect of insurance temporarily stopped and resumed when he returned.

As for luggage, the period of validity of the policy from the date of registration, the baggage of the tape goes to the luggage compartment and up to the date of issue of its policyholder.
If you know of cases where the company has not paid the insured person due to him the remuneration, it does not matter on what kind of insurance if the company uses every opportunity to evade their obligations to communicateit is not necessary.That is why it is so important to read as many reviews.
Helpful Hint
Accident insurance is not cumulative, ideal if you need to be insured for a short period.The cost of such insurance is slightly lower than the storage.
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