But one can not always suspect everyone and everything.This may lead to disorder of the nervous system.But too relaxed, too, have not.Potentially dangerous to people who may try to cheat you, include people unfamiliar to you, the person who has ever lied to someone, and those who are your direct competitors in any important matter.
unfamiliar to you people who are trying to find out you have some information and promising mountains of g
old, most likely fraudsters.An example is the Roma at the station, on the street or sectarian agents dubious financial corporations.This group of swindlers usually shows excessive intrusiveness.To avoid becoming a victim to them you just do not confide to strangers on the street, but it is better not to enter into dialogue.
If you are sure that the person with whom you have to deal with, someone has cheated, that is whether to deal with it?
your direct competitors are also shunned defraud, to achieve the goal.So be extremely vigilant in the purchase / sale of real estate, obtaining probate, career promotion and so on.
popular form of fraud has recently become a fraud on the Internet.How to recognize swindler online?Here are some signs that you want to cheat.You will receive a letter in the mail from an unknown person with some very tempting offer in the form of spam.The letter may also contain an offer to work with the fabulous profits.Professional skills you do not need.You are asked to send some money to a short number, to learn more about the work.Be sure that it is a hoax.And it is better not to respond to such proposals.No wonder people say that free cheese only in a mousetrap.