Tip 1: How to behave in the camp

Rules of conduct in the children's camp all children should be strictly observed to avoid harm to their own health.Parents before sending the child to rest sure to talk to him about his safety.All employees of the camp, of course, are responsible for the lives of children, but also students themselves need to avoid dangerous situations.
Explain that for non-compliance of his camp can be expelled and sent home for a surcharge.For damage to property, which damaged the vacationer, will pay the parents.Therefore it is better to behave in camp quietly to improve their health and gain strength before the study.And the rules of behavior are quite simple, keep them is not difficult.
not violate the established schedule and perform common sanitary procedures (wash, comb, dress neatly, and the weather, take a shower, bed and fold my things).
Carefully read and note the rules of fire safety of sea bathing, the rules of conduct during sea bathing, excursions, trips, hiking.All
these materials are available at the campsite, and they must be explored.
Immediately report any worker camps all their ailments, do not try to treat yourself.
Do not smoke, do not drink alcohol, do not use drugs and do not distribute them.
treated carefully to the property of the camp, and its property of other children.Do not break, and do not trample the lawns and greenery, observe cleanliness.
Do not go to the camp, as far as possible stay with his squad.About all the problems and difficulties inform counselor.
not collect mushrooms, berries and fruits and do not eat them.
in public places can not swear, scream, insult others in word and action.
If you follow these rules, your vacation will take place with the use and fun.Make friends and play with them in moving the game to strengthen and harden your body.To respect the counselor, conflicts do not facilitate your stay in the camp .Do not give in to provocations of other children, who conceived the dangerous antics.

Tip 2: How to behave on vacation

holiday - an occasion to take a break from everyday work and relax.Many people use this time for trips to resorts.Travel allows you to dial new emotions and experiences, learn something interesting.To leave is not proved to be spoiled we must remember the basic rules of behavior in the rest .
How to behave on vacation
If you relax in nature, take precautions.Do not throw in the forest lighted matches and cigarette butts from cigarettes, it can cause a fire.Do not cut trees and shrubs, walk along the paths to inadvertently destroy the bird's nest and do not trample the young shoots of trees.Do not leave behind garbage, collect it in bags and dispose of the container.
have beach holidays too, has its own rules.The beaches are divided into several types: general or family beaches, topless, nude and separate for men and women.According to the rules of etiquette at family beaches can not sunbathe topless or strip naked.If you come with a dog, do not let it go into the water, where swimming vacationers, better get away to a deserted place.Do not consider, much less discuss the appearance of other travelers on the beach.For the dressing, use a special booth.Leaving the beach, clear of all debris in a special box, set aside.
Excursions - this is an interesting and useful form of relaxation, during which you will meet with a variety of attractions and historical and cultural monuments.Because it is a collective event, you must follow certain rules and norms of behavior.Listen carefully to the guide.Do not interrupt and do not correct him.Ask questions better during specially made them pause.Discuss particularly interesting moments after the tour.
If you are traveling on holiday to another country, be sure to check out the traditions and customs of this country.For example, in Muslim countries can not take pictures of local women.It is considered an insult, you can be arrested for three days.It is strictly punishable by profanity.Before going abroad, carefully check the presence of all necessary documents.Pay special attention to design health insurance.Careless attitude to the design of this document may result in large expenses in case of illness or an accident.Carefully select clothes for the trip.If it is a Muslim country, take a more rigorous wardrobe.Take care of your health and before traveling to exotic countries make all the necessary vaccinations.To become a vacation enjoyable and memorable as a wonderful journey in advance, prepare for the trip and find out all the details from your travel agent.
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