Few people today know that getting a passport can be easy and simple, just ask for it at the portal of public services online.Initially, you want to get access to the official portal of public services, it is necessary to register.Make it easy, just click the "Register" button and follow the instructions that will give the system.It is mandatory to settle for access to personal information and its treatment will also need to choose a way to prove their identity at login.The portal will offer a few ways to do this, but the most popular is the activation code, sent a letter with the help of Russian Post.
receive an activation code is required to complete the registration on the portal.To do this, enter personal data, phone number, e-mail.Once the password
and the answer to the security question you must wait for an e-mail and SMS with the code to confirm the e-mail address and telephone number.Code to activate your personal account will mail a paper by Russian Post.
Select a sample want to get a passport.New biometric passports today, the validity period of 10 years, the cost is higher.Old-style passport is valid for only 5 years old, has fewer degrees of protection, but costs less.The procedure for obtaining both one and the other is not much different, the process of registration - too.
After registration you need to fill out an application online.For information about himself and relatives should only be valid, as they are checked.Next you should download a file photo, and do not forget to save the profile at the documents before it to send.If in the process it will find errors, do not have to fill all fully again.
Go to the website of the FMS, find and print a receipt for payment of registration fee for a passport.Pay for it in any branch of the Savings Bank.Receipt then will need to provide to the Visa Office along with the package of the documents.If you need to get a passport in Moscow, and then to pay the legal costs should be the same in other towns do not.The amount of tax depends on the type of passport because of the passport of the old sample charge 1,000 rubles for biometric nova - 2500. Children's passports for citizens under 14 years old are 300 rubles and 1,200 rubles respectively.
After the system processes all the data on the e-mail will receive a letter with a message of acceptance of the application.When the passport is ready to be sent an invitation to the location where you want to come in and get your hands on the document.There is a list, the originals of which documents are required to provide.